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Residential Resales & Loan Escrow in Lakewood, California

Western Pacific Escrow is a full service closing office providing residential resales, loan escrow and refinance, 1031 tax deferred exchanges and notary services. We dedicate ourselves to working as a team with our clients and all parties involved to accomplish a smooth and enjoyable closing experience. Close your residential transaction with Western Pacific Escrow and receive the quality assistance and excellent service you and your clients deserve.
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Residential Resales

We are the neutral third party that takes instructions from the buyer and the seller, coordinating the selling process between agents, title companies, and lenders. In most cases, the sales of residential property includes a new loan. As escrow, we verify funds are received from all parties.
We ensure that all documents have been correctly processed and that conditions have been met prior to the deed being recorded in the buyer's name. The deed of trust for the loan amount will be recorded and the net proceeds will be released to the sellers.
House Loan - Escrow Company in Lakewood, CA

Loan Escrow & Refinance

Western Pacific Escrow provides services for loan escrows and refinances. When the property owner elects to borrow money using the property as security for the note, the deed of trust secures the note when recorded and produces a lien on the property. Western Pacific Escrow drafts escrow instructions according to the terms between the client and the lender.
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1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

A 1031 tax deferred exchange is a method in which money from one real estate investment is moved to another investment in real estate that carries equal or greater value. These are generally done to defer tax liability for a period of time. Western Pacific Escrow works closely with the accommodator and the taxpayer in the completion of the documents for the exchange of one property for another that qualifies under IRS section 1031.
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Notary Public Services

Our office also provides notary public services. When notarizing documents you will be required to provide a valid form of identification such as a valid state driver's license, identification card, passport, or military identification card.

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