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The Escrow Process & the Expectations of Those Involved

Understanding the Escrow Closing Process

It is helpful to know that “closing” does not mean the day the buyer signs loan documents, and it does not mean the day the loan is funded by the lender. Escrow closes on the day that the Grant Deed is recorded in the official records at the County Recorder’s office. Once that document is date-stamped by the County Clerk, ownership of the property has officially changed hands.

Understanding how much time to allow for the final closing process will help reduce some of the stress and frustration that can accompany closing and escrow.
  • The lender gives final approval and is ready to “draw docs”. From there it may take up to 48 hours from the time the final approval is given until the documents are received by the Escrow Officer.
  • The Escrow Officer then contacts the buyer and sets an appointment to sign the documents. From there, the Escrow Officer “packages” all documents and returns them to the lender usually the day after the buyer signed them.
  • You should allow up to 72 hours for the lender to check the documents in and review them. Once final review is completed, the lender will issue the funds to the Escrow Company. Recording of the Grant Deed is scheduled for the next business day after the funds are received.
  • The Grant Deed is taken to the County Hall of Records by a Title Insurance Representative. Once the county clerk stamps it with a date and document number, closing is complete.
  • The title company notifies the Escrow Officer and transfers all funds they are holding from the lender to the escrow who confirms with the buyer, seller and agents that there is a confirmation of closing.
  • When the Title Insurance Company receives confirmation of recording from their representative at the hall of records, the Title Company will wire transfer all funds they are holding from the buyer’s lender to the Escrow Company.
  • At that point, the Escrow Officer will begin the process of balancing the file and disbursing funds to pay-off the seller’s existing mortgages, liens, and any other payments that the Officer has been instructed to pay through escrow.

What to Expect from the Parties Involved

Once an offer is made and accepted, the escrow process begins. Click the drop-down arrows below for an overview of what to expect from the parties involved.
The Buyer(s)
The Lender (if applicable)
The Escrow Officer (Western Pacific Escrow)
The Seller(s)

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